Franchise organization Ladyline are experts in the field of responsible and permanent weight loss, but in need of an online marketing strategy. They had a problem with their online visibility and findability. The franchises did not cooperate to their full potential. There was insufficient knowledge of various online media. Content had little reach. Image and message could be better tailored to the various target groups. There was also no common thread in the footage. The head office wanted to train and activate franchisees online and encourage collaboration. In the Online marketing process for the franchise organization LadyLine we went to work for six months with the different locations and the head office!


Together with management and franchisees we are working on an online marketing strategy to ensure online success for Ladyline. In cooperation with Buro Zizo, we trained franchisees to use social media as effectively as possible at every important moment in the “customer journey”.
Some of the training courses that we held for the employees of the different Ladyline locations: Facebook for companies, Facebook advertising, Facebook analytics, Pinterest and Blogging for companies.


The messages that are now shared are with images and texts aimed at 8 defined target groups. You can find LadyLine much better online. Each location has made agreements about how to record and share customer success stories., as there is no better marketing tool than letting a satisfied customer speak. These messages have a high organic reach and are often shared. Messages are shared regularly. The entrepreneurs are also active locally. Entrepreneurs are in constant consultation with each other and lean on each other’s strengths. Many hands make light work!

  • By stimulating intensive collaborations between the various locations, more success is achieved with fewer resources.
  • There is a common thread in visual expressions, tasks are divided and content is reused.
  • Actions are prepared together.
  • Active online franchises ensure greater visibility and more customers!
Social Marketing Doctors review personal photo

Nathalie Molhoek

Franchiser of several Ladyline locations

“Our head office invited us  to sign up for a social media training. Rudy and I were immediately open to that, because we realized that social media was taking on an increasingly important role in our business operations.

We already noticed that normal advertisements and flyers no longer had the effect that we were used to. We also noticed that our Facebook advertisements received more and more response. I do a lot of intake interviews myself and I was told more and more often: “I often see your brand on Facebook”. And we thought: “We should do more with that!”.

The coaching process was very interesting. I do not spend a lot of time on social media myself, and it is good to hear the ins and outs of people who have made it their profession. It gave us the opportunity to take steps. Rudy was very interested from the start, and wanted to do more with this. That even led to a switch in his career, to social media marketer. He now works with Nicoline and Nathaly, our social media trainers from back then!.”