Dividino Group


Dividino Group is an ambitious importer and distributor of innovative telecom products , including smartphones and accessories. With offices in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and Charleroi (Belgium), Dividino Group BV knows the local market and needs like no other and optimally advises and guides online and offline telecom resellers. Dividino Group is characterized by direct communication, flexibility and excellent service.

The long-term assignment came about through years of collaboration at telecom distributors Dangaard Mobicall and Brightpoint between Dave Stolk and Nathaly van Grinsven. In the start-up that Dividino was in the summer of 2014, there was a direct need for structural PR, marketing & communication support. The cooperation has been to mutual satisfaction ever since.


Public relations, marketing & communication activities that pass by are supervised and carried out. This involves online and offline activities and coordination with (international) partners and suppliers.

  • supervision of web shops for the B2B market in a link with Exact Globe
  • guidance and implementation of various websites for consumers
  • organization events
  • guidance and introduction of new brands and products on the Dutch and Belgian market


  • Introduction of PanzerGlass on the Dutch market with all leading online and offline telecom channels. In 4 years, PanzerGlass has grown to become the market leader in the field of display protection for smartphones and tablets
  • Smartphone brand General Mobile Android One introduced on the Dutch market with all leading online and offline telecom channels. In March 2018 General Mobile is the fourth brand within the Telecom Retail channel in the Netherlands.

“They know how to organize our marketing.”

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Sales & marketing Director Benelux Dividino

“With the many years of cooperation and experience of Nathaly van Grinsven, we have a good PR, marketing & communication partner for Dividino. With the flexibility, experience in the telecom sector and her extensive network, she always knows how to organize our marketing.”