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Den Hartogh


Den Hartogh is one of the worlds leading Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) when it comes to the safe and reliable transport of bulk liquids and gasses for the Chemical Industry. As a bulk logistics service provider for the chemical, gas, polymer and dry bulk food industry, they combine the best elements to create the optimal formula for each individual situation.


Den Hartogh is a family-owned organization that was established in 1920 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Safety and operational excellence are embedded in their culture. The smart logistics solutions are formed through chemistry – by working and collaborating with the customers, resulting in the right fit for every type of transport In other words: progress and development through chemistry.


Den Hartogh has a presence in every region of the world, with premises at 24 countries with 43 locations/ offices. The workforce consists of more than 1,600 people and their modern equipment includes more than 19,000 tank containers, 7,000 dry bulk containers, 400 tank trailers and more than 500 trucks.


During an 8 months periode before the new marketing team was on onboard, Nathaly managed the ongoing marketing activities for Den Hartogh Logistics. 


PR, marketing & communication


 Public relations, marketing & communication activities that passed by are supervised and carried out. This involves online and offline activities and coordination with (international) partners and suppliers.


– online marketing
– internal communication
– public relations and press releases

Major results

– Introduction of the new website
– International staff magazine 
– Animation or the annual report

Annelies Balistreri, Group HR Director and Board member Den Hartogh Logistics

“Nathaly worked at Den Hartogh Logistics for 8 months as interim Marketing & Communication Manager, during which she spent an average of 1.5 days a week on various projects, such as the coordination and production of the internal international staff magazine (Inside Magazine), animation of the annual report, the internal communication, the launch of the new website and PR activities.

Nathaly has translated her knowledge into what was needed at Den Hartogh in a smooth and professional way. I liked working with Nathaly, she has a flexible attitude to work, is easy to contact and picks up feedback quickly.”