8 tips to create a high performing Facebook post

At Social Marketing Doctors we often receive the question: what makes a Facebook post a good one? How do I ensure that we will receive reactions, that the message is shared or even: how can we make it go viral? We still remember a client that asked us to come up with a Facebook message that could spread like a “virus”.

Game on! The question was clear, this client wanted his content to be seen.  Usually the aim is not to go viral, but for the content to strike a nerve from the prospects clients are trying to reach. Let’s have a look at 8 Social Marketing Doctors guidelines that makes your Facebook message stand out.


1. Pick a subject that instills emotion with your target group

You know what your target group is concerned about. What do they fear? What problems do they have and how can you help. This is a great start for your Facebook message. As long as the topic appeals to your target group – and evokes an emotion, makes them think, or better yet, take action, you’re on the right track.

2. @TAG people and businesses

A tag means: hook up a third party. Preferably a partner with a Facebook page. This can be a company you work with, a client or a source of the message on which you post an opinion. Always do this in a positive context. People like it, start reacting and that’s how you increase your reach.

3. Follow a content theme

If you are in a particular industry, pick a content theme and start sharing recurring messages on one topic. Bet people will soon start seeing you as an expert. Throw in live videos, in which you respond to questions of readers. What makes you worth following?

4. Be short and concise

We must admit, it’s one of our daily challenges too – there’s so much to tell. But you have to narrow your message down to preferably 4 lines of text. Otherwise you have to ‘click’ a read more button and your CTA will also be burried to many who just don’t read that long. That said, it does highly depend on your audience. If you are in a field where your readers devour your every word, than please continue and write long texts. If not, 4 lines is the limit.

5. Always a photo, and sometimes a video

Visual content makes your message more appealing and seduces your targets to read what you have to say. Images also evoke instant emotion, more so than text alone. And boy, does Facebook love video content. Facebook algorithm determines who see what, and the algorithm preferences video over other forms of content. And remember to post your videos directly to Facebook for optimal conversion.

6. A question or CTA – call-to-action

Make sure you have a list of possible CTA’s for your company that matches the customer journey of your targets. Where ‘read more’, ‘download’, ‘ask information’ are fine for the early funnel, later funnel CTA’s will look more like “ask for demo”, “talk to our sales rep” and “schedule an appointment” – you should have plenty of CTA’s that make sense to add to your message. What is it that you want your prospects to do after reading your message?

7. Respond to events that are happening right now!

Its scary and exciting at the same time to respond to actualities, but it can be very effective. Especially when you use humor to do so. Take a different angle on a hot and trending topic and be sure to have a ton of laughs on your hand. This is a great way to start a conversation. Stay away from political or religious and other sensitive topics. Create a meme, have people repeat the initiative. Respond to something that is happening now, such as an important football match, an internet meme or something else that concerns your target group. It will give you reactions. As well as a fun joke or a funny photo or visual. This can be an application of your product or service, or a colleague in a crazy mood … Try responding to a special day, such as Valentine’s Day.

8. To link or not to link, that is the question

A long url is very ugly and uses too much of the text space that you can use for other purposes (see below). The link refers to a page on your website, a registration form or a news article you write about. The use of a shortened link also encourages action. You can do this by using bitly.com With bitly you also measure the click-throughs from Facebook to your landing page.


And you know, at the same time, there is no golden tip. We are just providing you with basic tips that we know will work for you. If you see all you do online as a matter of trial and error you will fail yourself forward to success. Keep on searching and discover what attracts your target group find. Find out by doing!


It’s all about having enough input to generate a message that will hopefully go viral. And even more important: it’s not about the number of people you reach. It’s about whether you reach the people you want to reach. Being able to persuade that group to take action, such as, buying your product, going to your event or getting acquainted with your company.

Any other questions or comments? Ask us!