The Push Paradox

Finding the right pulse in B2B content marketing strategies. A practical B2B content marketing book to future-proof your digital marketing strategy.


  • A wealth of digital experience in one book
  • Free online strategic chapter materials
  • Specially written for B2B companies
  • Learn how to attract your ideal clients
  • Understand your customers’ content need in each phase of the buyer journey
  • The ideal balance between push and pull marketing
  • A Step-by-Step guide to a digital strategy that leads to measurable results
  • Online marketing tactics that impact your bottom line


Digital marketing continues to be a hot topic. But so far, not much was written with a clear focus on B2B strategies. Our on-the-job experience lies at the base of the Push Paradox: a practical B2B content marketing book. Use it to update your knowledge, to steer your marketing department in a more digital direction or to understand the work of the digital marketing agencies you are working with.


  • Building and Construction
  • Installation industry
  • B2B travel industry
  • International Franchise
  • Sewer cleaning industry
  • BIM Revit marketing
  • and more.

Gert-Jan Maasdam,  Wavin Global VP Market Strategy and Innovation

 “This book fuels the needs of curious minds and provides the opportunity to learn from the numerous real-life cases and examples that you will find. I hope you will enjoy the journey and advise you to keep both feet on the ground.”


  • Inspiring B2B cases
  • Create your own online value proposition
  • Content planning template
  • Year planning template
  • SEO tactics
  • tooling advice
  • marketing campaigns
  • result driven social media advertising
  • calculate your results on ad spent
  • local and central marketing objectives for franchise organizations
  • social selling and online networks
  • tracking and measuring results


Nicoline Maes

Rudy Godding

Rudy Godding was born at the end of 1977, in the south of The Netherlands, in the town of Heerlen. He grew up in the tourist town of Valkenburg and spent his youth actively being a cyclist.
He studied Facilities Management where his interest in marketing became clear for the first time. He began as an entrepreneur back in 2007, after he worked in sales and sales & marketing management in the health & fitness industry. One of his major achievements was at Il Fiore Healthcenters, a Maastricht-based high-end health club where he managed to transform it into a profitable company.



The Push Paradox takes you on a journey to an effective digital marketing strategy for your B2B organization. We freely share our ways of working that have lead to great results for our clients. The journey starts with your on- and offline brand positioning; we strongly believe integrating offline and online is the only way to go. We’ll show you how to create, plan and share content that resonates with your defined target groups and clients. Use this B2B digital marketing book as a guide to create a future proof and results driven digital strategy. Learn how to measure your online marketing results. We cover the balance between push and pull marketing based on the latest insights in online marketing, social media, content marketing and SEO. We fuel your business with practical tips and how-to’s on social selling, online networking and social media advertising. Now let’s create that stellar digital strategy that makes your company stand out! >> BUY THE BOOK

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