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The circular PlasticRoad is made of recycled plastic and an initiative of KWS, Wavin and Total. On September 11 the first PlasticRoad bicycle path in the world was opened  – and we were there!

 We were asked how to get the most online exposure for the opening of the first PlasticRoad bicycle path. 


Before the event:

  • designing marketing automation systems for lead generation
  • production of the white paper in Dutch and English (download)
  • complete providing the lead page
  • creative and visual materials – graphic design
  • making / publishing strategic content for the event
  • creating a playful hook

During the event:

  • photography by our partner Arnold Reyneveld
  • live report of the event by 2 persons
  • continuously publishing content on the various channels
  • interaction with all parties involved

After the event:

  • lead generation activities
  • social advertising for more reach


  • 77.2 m people saw the content 

  • content was shared by media outlets in USA, UK and The Netherlands

  • substantial growth online channels

  • subscribers for newsletters in English and Dutch

Emiel van den Boomen

Marketing Manager, Wavin Group

“What I love about Nicoline and her approach is her untiring enthusiasm to bring the social media performance of our company to a higher level. Nicoline, doesn’t take no for an answer and always quickly finds ways to solve problems or embrace new challenges. She is a real people-person, understanding the untapped value of employees when it comes to content marketing and social selling. Her drive to improve the company is infectious and for sure has opened the eyes of many within our company.”

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