Are you a new business? Have you thought about a content marketing strategy? It’s helpful to know what content marketing resources and tools are available to get you started. In this article we will address content marketing resources and tools for content marketers.

Tools for Content Marketers

There are many useful tools and apps for content marketers.

  1. Hubspot
  2. WordPress
  3. Google Docs
  4. Airstory
  5. Grammarly
  6. Yoast
  7. Ahrefs
  8. Vidyard
  9. Loom
  10. Trello
  11. Google Analytics
  12. Canva
  13. Adobe Photoshop


Hubspot is best for consolidating multiple content marketing tools in one centralized location. It provides several content marketing tools. These include:

  • A powerful form builder
  • Pop-up tools
  • Live chat and chatbots
  • All-in-one WordPress plugin for marketing


WordPress is best for blogging, publishing editorial content, and creating portfolios. It provides:

  • Easy to use, customizable templates
  • It integrates multiple plugins
  • You can self host or host your website via

Google Docs

Google Docs is best used to collaborate with other content writers. It is a free service and easy to get started. Google Docs is a place where all your work can get done before the final presentation. Some features include:

  • Google Docs is free
  • Easy to share your work with other collaborators
  • Easily add comments, edits, or suggestions to the document


Airstory is best used for writing academic papers and collecting research. This app organizes and exports your notes, ideas, and research all in one spot. Airstory is a great collaboration tool as well.


Grammarly is used for editing and proofreading content pieces before publication. It works across multiple communication mediums, from email to documents to social media. Grammarly has a browser extension that works with Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. It offers a basic grammar and punctuation plan for free.


Yoast is best for writing for search engine optimization (SEO). It’s easy to use and one of the best SEO WordPress plugins available.


Ahrefs is best used for keyword research. It can be used for basic research and can also handle more in-depth reports. Ahrefs is great for  tracking the rankings of your keywords to analyzing your competitors’ keywords and traffic and much more.


Vidyard is used for creating B2B (business to business) marketing videos, digital marketing, and content creation. Its analytics and personalization features not only help businesses understand how their content is performing, but also demonstrates how to leverage it to boost engagement.

Vidyard is a video platform that helps you host, share, and promote video content on your website.


Loom is helpful when creating video tutorials and presentations. It’s a user-friendly and versatile platform. Loom can be used to easily answer questions or explain complex topics that require a visual aid. Loom is a way to communicate or explain questions and concepts to your team members.


Trello is best used for project management and keeping track of tasks. It helps you put all of your team’s projects in one place. Trello is customizable and can be changed to suit your needs. This app is particularly helpful when you’re working with many staff writers or guest writers

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is used to track site metrics and understand your audience. The greatest benefits are that it’s a free service and easy to use. Google Analytics can be used to see how people found your site and observe visitor behavior.


Canva can be used to design and create marketing materials. It’s an easy platform for novices and can be used to create infographics and other materials suitable for print materials, social media posts, and blogging platforms. You don’t have to have excellent graphic design skills to use Canva. You can build your designs from scratch or use one of Canva’s many templates. It can be used to create great visuals.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is used for editing photos and images and designing custom materials. Mastering this design tool will make your materials look professional and give you more autonomy over the kinds of designs you can use.

Content Marketing Resources

There are many books, podcasts, websites, and other resources to help you succeed at content marketing.

Content Marketing Books

Content Strategy for the Web

This book is a guide for content marketers. Its goal is to help understand content strategy and its business value, discover the processes and people behind a successful content strategy, make smarter, achievable decisions about what content to create and how, and find out how to build a business case for content strategy.

They Ask, You Answer

This book is another guide to help content marketers know how to build trust with buyers through content and video, turn your web presence into a magnet for qualified buyers, understand why you need to think of your business as a media company, and more. It’s a guide for companies who are looking for a fresh approach to marketing and sales that is proven to generate more traffic, leads, and sales.

Content Marketing Podcasts

  • CareerHQ by Superpath
  • Writers in Tech

CareerHQ by Superpath

This podcast hosted by Jimmy Daly focused on the professional aspects of content marketing, such as how to land roles, get promotions, and help upper management see the value of (and allocate resources towards) great content.

Writers in Tech

Yuval Keshtcher, a UX writer, curates some of the best thought leaders across the industry. If you want to learn all the ways content can be used with a technology company, from content design to content management, this is an excellent place to start.

Free Content Marketing Courses

  • Hubspot Academy
  • Ahrefs Academy

Hubspot Academy

HubSpot Academy offers a Content Marketing Certification that aggregates dozens of individual lessons into a cohesive learning experience.

Ahrefs Academy

Ahrefs Academy offers an SEO Training course to build your base knowledge. From there, you can jump into their Blogging for Business course once you’ve ranked a few pieces of content on your own.

Finally, content marketing is essential to having a successful business. Hopefully, these content marketing resources and tools will help you get going.

About the author:

Katie Meyers is an SEO Specialist at SEO Design Chicago. Before joining the SEO Design Chicago team, she interned for them, as well as interned as a Content Writer at HZD Creates. Katie is from Washington State and has an AA and a Social Media Marketing Certificate.

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