Rioned is an international B2B company in sewer cleaning equipment. Social Marketing Doctors first started working with Rioned in December of 2013. Rioned only had a website, and that wasn’t doing much. Also, there was only a very limited social media strategic plan. And no B2B social media strategy. The channels were there, but no one had any idea of how to go on from there. What kind of content do we share? On which channels? Who do we want to reach, who will make sure we do? What will we do about SEO and SEA? All questions that needed to be addressed. As a result, we started a B2B social media strategy together: Rioned goes social! Rioned is now ready for the age of Inbound Marketing.


Online Positioning and choice of channels

During the phase of positioning, we formed a social media team of several stakeholders within the company. The marketing manager, the sales department, the support team and management were all involved in setting up the social media strategy. After three strategical sessions, we first defined target groups, made online buyer persona’s, captured keywords and positioned Rioned online. We then organized a ‘competitor inspiration session’, where we looked at what works well for our competitors. By doing so, we set the bar pretty high!

Content strategy, planning and management

The next step was to set up the content strategy and to create content in two different languages. Content was divided into categories, and we then built and filled the blog segment. We filled all channels every week with content full of keywords that showcased all the aspects of the Rioned company. That way, the stories show that Rioned is such a strong marketleader that is impossible for the competition to ignore. Blogs on machines that have been working full strength for over 25 years, show the reliability of their equipment. Satisfied loyal employees tell about why they like to work at Rioned. And management shares their vision for the company and emphasizes their innovative way of doing things.


Besides keeping busy with content marketing, Rioned monitors all social channels around the clock. That way, they can answer questions within a short timeframe. Also, we follow influencers actively, watch what they post and react to content of others. That is the way to build trust. And this helps increase your community.

Social media advocacy

Activating staff and influencers is a standard part in our strategy. The more people are actively involved, the bigger the reach. But in a good way. That is why we train office staff and the sales professionals. And why we encourage executives to share their knowledge. And with success!


  • First of all: a social media strategic plan that is co-signed and carried out by management
  • Also: we made Rioned active online on LinkedIn, on two Twitter accounts and on Facebook
  • As a result, we saw growth of the online community around the Rioned brand
  • Also, a 40% increase in webtraffic in 2 years time
  • An effective bilingual blog with SEO content
  • This put Rioned directly in touch with clients
  • As a result, leads and direct sales through social media went up
  • Visible satisfied customers, they are your best ambassadors!
  • Online word of mouth advertising made possible
  • As a result, Rioned gained higher client retention
  • Co-workers and partners became more active online, which in return increased the reach enormously
  • To sum it up: proof that investing in online marketing pays off!

“Distinctive for the Social Marketing Doctors is their structured and results-oriented approach, that leads to visible outcome.”

Social Marketing Doctors review personal photo

Hans de Laat

marketing manager Rioned

“Doctor Nicoline is a very drive professional who put a face on Rioned and increased our findability on internet dramatically. Distinctive for the Social Marketing Doctors is their structured and results-oriented approach, that leads to visible outcome. Within a short period of time, Nicoline was truly part of our company. And she has an elaborate network of service providers that we can also rely on.”