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Overview of all Social Marketing Doctors services: Website development, Content Marketing Solutions, in-store & near-store marketing services and PR solutions

Strategic Marketing and PR Solutions

Strategy and positioning as the base of your future marketing success

Effective marketing starts first of all with a deep understanding of the problems, wants and needs of your prospects. Therefore, we always start by turning you inside out during our tested onboarding and positioning trajectory. We take full inventory of all your on- and offline marketing efforts. We research ‘inside out’: by talking to employees, evaluating all online analytics and setting future goals. Next, we do ‘outside in’  interviews with at least 5 stakeholders. As a result, the (online) marketing and PR plan lays the groundwork for the rest of your marketing efforts.

Online lead generation for B2B

Start with your customers’ buyer journey in mind. REACH them with content that sparks their interest. ATTRACT them by solving their problems and sharing your knowledge. CONVERT and also seduce them to visit your website, with an offer they can’t refuse. In exchange for leaving their contact details you offer them ‘lead magnets’, such as a whitepaper, e-book or checklist. ENGAGE with existing customers to keep the relationship strong and to offer cross- and upsell solutions.

B2B Marketing Campaigns

Attracting visitors to your event? Need pre-orders for a new product? Want to generate leads for your new product or service? Developing a strategic online B2B marketing campaign can draw the right target audience to your offer. Again, strategy and researching the needs of your prospects are key for success. And as specialists in B2B on- and offline marketing campaigns, we invite you to schedule a call for your campaign.

B2B Blogging and SEO

The higher your Google ranking, the more customers. If you don’t want to pay to keep your ranking high, you need SEO proof content to reach your online targets. But do you fully understand what your prospects are looking for online? With our team of certified Google specialists we perform deep SEO keyword research, using high quality paid tools. Based on that research we create website silos, content themes, blog categories and a list of FAQ’s. We tackle all the essential parts such as technical SEO, optimization for blogs and link building. Thus serving the needs of your B2B prospects with content that persuades them!


Google Ads/SEA

Combining solid content with paid options like social media and Google Ads is the best way forward for most brands. Therefore, our certified Google professionals gladly take on the challenge to raise the Google listing of your brand. Challenge us!

Social media advertising

Still waiting for that viral post now, are you? Just stop. Because combining organic and paid content is what works. And our Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn advertising specialists can help your brand stand out in each phase of the buying journey. Try it!



As specialists in digital marketing and as experienced website developers, we understand how to build a website that informs and converts. A website that contributes to your on- and offline goals. We also think you should be able to edit your website effortlessly, as work on your site is never done. Let us know what you want and we will tell you what you need to build and expand your brand online.


Public relations is all about nurturing existing relationships and building the future relations you want as a company! Start by forming existing connections with customers, business partners, suppliers, investors, ambassadors, competitors and co-workers and then expand. As a result, you will reach the world! Let strong PR solutions connect the dots!  


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