Content marketing doctor’s tip.

What types of content should you publish to get the results you want?

Lots of companies struggle with their content marketing. Yours too? Maybe you’re publishing quite a lot. Facebook posts, LinkedIn updates. Like many people you’re trying to sell your products or services via social media. You start writing another article, but results are lacking. You’re wondering why nothing is really happening.

There’s one question I want to ask you: is everything you publish based on an overarching content marketing strategy? Often the answer to this question is simple: no. People are mostly just going with the content marketing flow. Thing is, just posting content on social media randomly will seldom bring you closer to your goals.

In this article I present a clear overview of content types in relation to the phase your customer is in. Mixing these types of content by serving it to your different audiences, contributes to your strategy to attract the right people. With a long-term focus on visibility. This article is perfect for companies in a B2C environment as well as B2B.

Remember: you’re always communicating with people!

First design your strategy in 5 easy steps

There are 5 steps to design a strategy that attracts your ideal customers without yelling and screaming that you’re the best. Without having to be ‘salesy’ all the time. And yet it even improves your sales activities!

1: Set hard (measurable in numbers) and soft (more emotional based) targets

2: Create profiles of your preferred audiences, the people and businesses you wish to work with

3: Choose what content types fit to these ideal clients

4: Design your Marketing Pyramid

5: What content matches with the persona’s?

You can read more on these 5 steps in the article I wrote about 5 steps that make your company visible (in Dutch… contact me for a translation!).

Content Guidelines

Content always has to be relevant, of worth to your audience, and interactive. You can inspire people, educate them, maybe even entertain them. And of course you want to make money, so conversion is als an objective.

  • Make sure at least 65% of what you publish is inspirational and educational.
  • 10-15% of your publications can be entertaining in any way.
  • 20-25% of your content has a conversion objective. Mostly paid adverts and promoted articles  on social media and through Search Engine Advertising like Google Adwords.

Choose a content type that grabs your ideal customers’ attention

You are spending time and money on creating and publishing content. After publishing on the channels that fit the audience you are ‘targeting’, your job is to design the right adverts (like on Facebook) and connect with influencers with followers that you’d like to reach but are currently not your followers. Knowing there’s so much content presented to people every day,  it is necessary to present a type of content that not only matches your goal but certainly grabs the attention of the people you want to reach, within the customer phase they’re in: Getting to know you, Liking you, Trusting you.

Know, Like, Trust: serve what fits!

  1. “Hi I am…”
    People see you, notice you and are aware of your (company’s or brand’s) existence.
    – Customer phase: Know
    – How: Facebook adverts with an objective to reach bigger audiences, social content, contests, sponsoring content of relevant others, Tweets, sharing knowledge on LinkedIn, showing people behind your brand, live q&a sessions, sharing experiences.
  2. “How can I help you”
    Showing people what you know and are capable of,  how you support them with your product/business/services.
    – Customer phase: Like.
    – How: video tutorials, how-to blogs and video’s, FAQ pages, manuals, webinars, user examples, social media posts, Facebook Adverts that drive webtraffic.
  3. “Because you’re worth it”
    – Customer phase: Trust.
    interviews, customer stories, case stories,  video’s, webinars ,video blogs, whitepapers, reports, factsheets.

My objective for this article is to inspire you in your content marketing activities. Together with my Social Marketing Doctor’s Team I am happy to help your company achieve the highest possible level of online marketing fitness. Not for a short period of time. We always aim for long term social media and content health. If you’re interested in using our vision on content marketing in your company, feel free to get in touch.