Who’s your ideal customer, anyway? 

Do you know how many visitors you have on your website? And how many of those visitors are among your ideal customers?

Many entrepreneurs are obsessed with the amount of web traffic on their website. Of course, your website must be easily found and seen. But the most important thing is that your site is noticed by the right people, your potential customer. In addition to the number of visitors, it is wise to gauge how many visitors make a request, leave data and subscribe to your newsletter. And of course: how many will become your customer? This is what you call online lead generation: generating SQL (sales qualified leads) and MQL (marketing qualified leads) via your website.


So what does matter is WHO is visiting your website. You want more visitors who also become customers. That’s where you want to attract more people. That’s what you call your ‘ideal customer’.

Imagine who that is, who they are? Do you have a clear view on that? Which customer is the most lucrative? Who are your current customers? Where is the low-hanging fruit? Which customer is easily persuaded into becoming a customer, just through your website?

Describing and researching your ideal customer(s) is the very first and most important marketing step. It is not for nothing that this is also a question in the marketing visibility scan that we carry out at companies. You do, write and develop everything for your ideal customer(s). Then you need to know who that individual is and what information he or she needs in each phase of their purchasing process.


We still make personas of the 5 most important target groups of our customers. We do this by:

  • analyzing existing data: we look at the analytics of their sites and social media
  • having conversations with the people within the company who are in close contact with customers and with new requests
  • stakeholder interviews
  • identify where the target groups are online and listen to their conversations
  • take existing customers as an example.

This is the mix we use to create a persona. A non-existent personal profile of your desired customer. You are going to focus on this client with your content marketing expressions and in this way attract more of these clients.

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You work this out in as much detail as possible: what does he/she like, what are his/her interests, what work, what does the person read, what does he or she buy and where, where can this customer be found online? And I can go even further.

But, let’s do that if we’re going to make you visible together!

Visible with the Social Marketing Doctors method