“I think we’re on earth to create strategies and action plans that attract the right people to your business.”

– Rudy Godding

Rudy Godding

Creative in online campaigns

Rudy Godding author push paradox

Marketeer with a clear focus on sales

At the end of 1977, Rudy was born in the south of the Netherlands, in the town of Heerlen. He grew up in the tourist town of Valkenburg and spent his youth actively being a cyclist.

He studied Facilities Management where his interest in marketing became clear for the first time. He began as an entrepreneur back in 2007, after he worked in sales and sales & marketing management in the health & fitness industry. One of his major achievements was at Il Fiore Healthcenters, a Maastricht-based high-end health club where he managed to transform it into a profitable company.

Rudy Godding author push paradox

Always looking to initiate something new 

Rudy is our “Do-a-lot”. He has entrepreneurial blood and likes to initiate new concepts. In 2007. he took his first steps into consulting leisure companies. His focus there was to reach the right target groups; via both offline and online channels. At the end of 2008, Rudy and his wife Nathalie signed a franchisee contract with Ladyline – studios specialized in weight loss and figure improvement for women. Digital marketing became more and more important. That evolved into using his own locations (4 at the moment) as his digital marketing playground where implementing, testing and adjusting of new campaigns and features first happens.

Meanwhile, Rudy and Nathalie became proud parents of a son Kyan (2012) and daughter Mila-Nova (2017).

rudy godding author push paradox

Co-author of the Push Paradox

In 2019 Rudy wrote the B2B content marketing book “the Push Paradix” in collaboration with Nicoline Maes. The Push Paradox is written especially for B2B marketers. The book talks about finding the right balance between push- and pull marketing. It covers combining clever high quality content with a broad and layered digital advertising approach. In this era of information overload it’s vital that your content is seen by the right audiences. And that content draws them in and leads to measurable conversions. All this while carefully monitoring how responsive your prospects are to your ads. Ensuring to never enter their irritation zone. This, in short, sums up what the book is about. 

rudy godding author push paradox

Engaging content creation

Rudy is passionate about creating engaging content that helps businesses attract the right audiences, convert them into valuable leads and eventually to loyal customers that promote your business. Adapting to new features or new digital channels is what he does best. As an entrepreneur himself, he knows about the thoughts, needs and drives of other entrepreneurs. He doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk. Big time.

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  • B2B companies
    • installers
    • lawyers
    • health care
  • Franchise organizations
  • Hospitality
  • Health and Fitness 

Author Rudy Godding the push paradox


Rudy writes on the following topics:

  • franchise marketing
  • social advertising
  • lead generation
  • content marketing
  • and more…

Contact details:

Rudy Godding

Online marketing campaign manager

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