“Marketing without a clear sense of purpose is totally irrelevant”

– Nicoline Maes

Nicoline Maes

Digital Marketing Director

Nicoline Maes Digital Marketing Specialist Social Marketing Doctors and writer of The Push Paradox, a B2B content marketing book

Strategic with a focus on adding value 

Nicoline Maes is an online marketing expert with a vast love for marketing that makes a difference. She’s was born in Amsterdam and raised in the South of the Netherlands. Nicoline is a proud mom of two adult children: Teuntje and Stan. 

Her professional career came to fruition when she moved to the United States in 2006. She learned the tricks of the online marketing trade on the job when she joined Valorie Luther’s Creative Concepts team. There she had the opportunity to work on major accounts. The company leveraged the power of online marketing from its very first beginning. 

Content marketing for B2B 

Nicoline moved back to ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands in 2011, to start her own company. She formed flex teams with online marketing specialists to meet the needs of a growing number of clients. Together with Nathaly van Grinsven she launched Social Marketing Doctors. The company now serves a wide array of clients from a myriad of fields. From building-, construction- and installation companies, to machinery and engineering consultancies. And from sewer cleaning companies to Real Estate developers, government projects and e-commerce clients. The doctors works (and worked) for midsized companies, but also for one of the top 10 B2B multinationals in the Netherlands. 

Nicoline maes, author of the Push Paradox

Co-authoring with Rudy Godding Nicoline wrote the book ‘the Push Paradox.” The Push Paradox is a content marketing book written especially for B2B marketers. The book talks about finding the right balance between push- and pull marketing. It covers combining clever high quality content with a broad and layered digital advertising approach. In this era of information overload it’s vital that your content is seen by the right audiences. And that content draws them in and leads to measurable conversions. All this while carefully monitoring how responsive your prospects are to your ads. Ensuring to never enter their irritation zone. This, in short, sums up what the book is about. 

Nicoline Maes Social Marketing Doctors on adding value

Bringing B2B companies in motion

Nicoline Maes brings B2B companies in motion with ‘smarketing:’ marketing on the cutting edge of marketing and sales. She loves nothing more than to bring a clear focus on digital marketing to the B2B companies she’s working with. Nicoline is unstoppable in withdrawing content from all nooks and crannies of the company to create content that matters and scores!

Nicoline Maes Digital Marketing Specialist Social Marketing Doctors and writer of The Push Paradox, a B2B content marketing book


  • Real estate development
  • Government projects
  • B2B construction companies
  • Building and construction advisors
  • Machinery
  • B2B travel companies
  • Whatever project she likes to take on 😉

Nicoline writes


Nicoline writes on the following topics:

  • Content marketing
  • Online conversion
  • Lead pages and online conversion
  • Social media marketing
  • Blogging for companies
  • Content mapping
  • Strategic Marketing

Contact details:

Nicoline Maes

Digital Marketing Director

Social Marketing Doctors
Veemarktkade 8
Hall L, Unit 7225
The Netherlands

+31 6 20088099

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