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About us, about me, blabla?!

We’re all proud of our websites and especially the ABOUT page. About me, about us. I guess you get the picture. Lots of entrepreneurs waste their time writing a story that is ‘blabla’. Why? It’s quite a standard group of words. Unlike Cupid, you won’t reach your target customers in their hearts.

What is wrong with the about pages?

It is not about wrong or right. It is just not as effective as possible. It’s not really telling a personal story. Most about pages only mention their achievements, their company mission. Of course this info is okay. But does it really reach your target customers? I don’t think so! It’s kind of boring! That is why we have to learn from Cupid.

How to write a story using Cupid’s arrow?

My goal with this article is to help you write a more personal story. A unique story. To tell a story as if you are using Cupid’s arrow. Ask yourself the following 10 questions and you’ll be right on track to your unique story.

  1. Why did you become an entrepreneur?
  2. Can you remember why you started doing what you do?
  3. And if you look at your current activities, why did you pick just them?
  4. What makes you go to work every day wearing a smile?
  5. Why do you enjoy solving your customers problems?
  6. What makes you unique as an entrepreneur?
  7. What makes you more attractive to customers than your competitors
  8. Why do people (or  companies) buy from you?
  9. What milestones in your career are worth mentioning?
  10. Can you tell in just one sentence what you do? Reminder: use Cupid’s arrow!

Are these 10 questions helpful to you?

As a non-native English speaker I can imagine that my English phrases aren’t as a good as supposed to be. My intention however was good! If you have any questions about reaching your target customers, as a B2B company or a B2C, do not hesitate to contact me.